The Best YouTube Channels to Learn Android Development in 2019

In my last blog post, I showed you how you can learn Android development from scratch and which beginner resources you can use to get started with no experience. I didn’t recommend any particular tutorial blogs or YouTube channels beyond those beginner courses, because too much material would just put you into analysis paralysis. When you just start learning, you shouldn’t view these different websites and channels as “curricula” where you have to work through all the tutorials one by one until you are a good developer. Instead, you should build your own project ideas, google any questions that come up along the way, skim through many different search results, experiment with the code and draw your own conclusions. In this process, you will automatically figure out which websites, blogs, and YouTube channels are useful, which social media accounts you should follow and which of them are just unhelpful noise.

However, if you already have some more experience with Android development (or if you just don’t care about what I wrote above) and you’re wondering if there are any valuable YouTube channels that you might have missed in the past, this post could help you find one or two that you maybe didn’t pay attention to yet.

This list contains the in my opinion currently best YouTube channels to learn Android development for free. The list reflects my own honest opinion and I will only recommend channels that I think have a high quality and teach valuable, thoroughly researched information in a concise and understandable way. I won’t favor or skip anybody for personal or other reasons, but I will not list channels that make unnecessarily lengthy videos, skip important information, or otherwise make learning more difficult.

For each channel listed here, I will give a brief summary on why I think it’s a good resource. The channel names are links to the corresponding YouTube pages.

One more thing: I won’t list channels that haven’t posted anything Android related in months. That doesn’t mean these channels don’t have good Android tutorials, but you will find these tutorials through the normal Google and YouTube search when you need them. I will focus on channels that are worth subscribing right now because they keep releasing new and up to date videos frequently.


Android Developers

This is the official channel from the developer team behind Android. Besides short update videos about the latest changes on the Android platform and Android Studio, you will mainly find recordings of talks from events like the Android Dev Summit or Google I/O here. It’s a great source to stay up to date with the Android world, but you don’t have to watch all of their videos!



Mitch has several bigger tutorials on his channel where he teaches how to build real applications, like an Instagram clone or a Google maps app, mixed with some shorter bite-sized tutorials and podcast interviews with other developers. His videos are well edited, his sound quality is one of the best and every topic is researched thoroughly. From my personal contact with him, I know that he sincerely wants to help the community and provide as much free valuable content as possible.



Codetutor has a lot of videos about important Android fundamentals like activities, services, broadcast receivers, and content providers. When I study a topic, I sometimes end up on one of his videos and I can confirm that he knows what he is talking about. His content is detailed, the information he provides is correct and his videos are concise and well edited with lots of helpful animations and annotations. He also started making videos on iOS and web development but keeps releasing new Android tutorials regularly.



Goobar has a lot of short and concise tutorials about IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio features, tips, and tricks. He also recently started a beginner series on Kotlin and mixes in some general lifestyle/health advice videos directed towards programmers. He’s a very positive, very helpful guy that wants to contribute to the community, to which he holds close contact on other social media channels (like Twitter and Instagram) as well.


Reso Coder

Reso Coder focuses on Kotlin and Flutter, both of which I currently have little experience in, so I can’t really confirm the correctness of the information he teaches. I rely a bit on my gut feeling here but from what I’ve seen, his tutorials seem thoroughly researched and well structured. Most importantly, he doesn’t beat around the bush and just gets straight to the point. I think he doesn’t have any Java videos but if you’re interested in learning Kotlin, Flutter, Xamarin or Unity, go check out his channel. He also recently started adding some general life advice videos which I personally find useful and entertaining.



Team Smartheard creates a ton of high-quality content — mostly about Android, but also about other topics like node.js or programming language fundamentals (Java, Kotlin, Dart etc). Like the other channels on this list, the information they teach are well researched and presented in a concise and understandable way. The videos are structured logically and contain lots of useful graphics and illustrations. On other websites, you would have to pay money for this kind of quality.


Coding in Flow

Lastly, I also want to mention my own channel here. I create relatively short, but very focused and detailed Android tutorials about topics that I research very thoroughly. You can find all my videos on my Youtube channel or directly here on


Ok, those are my recommendations at the moment. If you think that I forgot someone on this list, let me know in the comments below!

If you have a channel yourself and want to be featured on this list, please send me 50$ over PayPal (I am joking).

50 thoughts on “The Best YouTube Channels to Learn Android Development in 2019”

  1. I don’t know about, you have checked out Edmt Dev Channel or not but he’s also great developer having much more experience in Android domain but he can’t talk English so his all video all silent that may the reason you haven’t added his channel in list

    • Right, I only included channels with voice over. Maybe his videos are good, but I never watch tutorials without voice so I can’t evaluate that!
      Thanks for the suggestion tho!

  2. My biggest problem with CodingWithMitch is that he has too much going on on his screen. Even if he teaches a small little thing, he shows a very long code that has nothing to do with that particular lesson. That little code is in the middle of something.
    That doesn’t work very well for me.
    I was on his website few minutes ago , tried learning about recycler view but he started opening up several apps and screens and he lost me very quickly.

    • Actually, I’ve only watched the shorter tutorials so I must have missed that! I really liked the short ones tho.

      • Yes, yours are short and very to the point. I don’t know how you make them so short. I’ve tried to make one tutorial and it took me 11 minutes just to show how a button can produce a Toast message. Yours are only 5 minutes long sometimes.
        I also like that you show finished app first.

        • Thanks! They are so short because I correct and cut out almost every little mistake I make. It’s a lot of work tho.

  3. I think your channel is the best for learning android programming 😉

    Anyways I find myself checking up on your channel and website alot when I run into a programming problem that I run into or when I want to add a new feature such as a rate me button or a SQL Lite Database! Thank you for all the help!

    Now please check out my earnings video where I disclose my android app earnings –

  4. Hey, such a wonderful article .
    I really recomend your channel .Espically for non english speakers.

    full respect, and sorry for my bad english

  5. Just read your blog article “Incremental Progress over Intense Sprints” and reminding you, that you kept it up. Good job, I can really feel you and do enjoy reading your blog!

  6. I’ve never really had a full understanding of some android concepts, well not until I found your channel. Wow! It’s revolutionary, with so much depth and pretty concise. It’s my most visited android channel and only one sometimes.

    Thanks Florian. Thanks for giving back.

  7. Dear Coding In Flow, Good day. I really like your YouTube channel and the way you explain things as such I can say I learned a lot from your videos. Simplified Coding is a good YouTube channel to learn android as well. You may want to include it in your list.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I wish you all the best. Cheers!

    • Hey,
      I am not sure about the exact amount of hours. I just try to procrastinate as little as possible and take intentional breaks instead. What kind of advice do you need? What’s your problem?

  8. it’s been great learning from you particularly that “Dagger ” series it made DI more or less a breeze for me thanks for that ,One more thing WiseAss YouTube channel is great and may be can be included in the list for others to learn.

  9. Sir,
    Do you know any of the channel from where I could learn designing an app like a professional.

  10. thanks a lot for such super tutorials even i learned from it i have no idea about android programming…and know i stuck in recyclerview where i want to display two list in the same layout like list 1 name, phone and the other list is age, address etc in same layout of one recyclerview how ??? if you got time then please do a tuts on it
    thanks a lot

  11. When i switched to android development first time. I search for lots of blog,official documentation ,Youtube tutorials But all the tutorials are not for beginner even they dont have flow of learning.They’re making their video in their own way. But One day when i Searching for GSON tutorials I found the youtube channel namely Coding In Flow. And i watched the whole tutorials . and now im working as a beginner android developer for last 6 month. Really you are the the best tutor ever and ever . Thanks for this special tutorials.

  12. i am familiar with android concepts but i want to create real life application’s clone like instagram or spotify or uber etc .. i have not found any instructor or channel on youtube that teaches building these types of clone applications . Any Suggestion .

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